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We're Back!

After a brief hiatus, Walkable Ottawa is back in business with our community advocacy work for walkable and complete communities. After a recent successful grant application awarded from the Ottawa Climate Action Fund, we are collaborating with Ecology Ottawa (with whom we have partnered before on the Walkability Workshops) on our new project - 15-Minute Neighbourhoods: Shape the Unfolding Story of Your Community

Objectives of the new project:

  1. Grow and harness public support for 15-minute neighbourhoods, encouraging Ottawans to document and share stories from their neighbourhoods. 

  2. Equip residents with evidence and tools to effectively participate in the City's influential Zoning By-Law review, as well as specific relevant policy areas, that will affect the nature of our city and our greenhouse gas emissions for decades to come.

We are seeking a variety of volunteers to get involved! Click here to check out the roles that need to be filled. 

Neighbourhood Narrative: Share Your Story!


Are you passionate about walkability in Ottawa? We want to hear from you! Share your experience of getting around your neighbourhood with us. We will be accepting short video submissions of neighbourhoods from across the city to be featured in a collaborative project. Submissions can be sent to

For more information, view the Submission Guidelines!


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