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Here’s how we are Taking Action and making a difference in Walkable Neighbourhoods:

  • Promoting dialogue and focus on practical solutions for walkability through blogs, panels, workshops and Walkable Ottawa’s detailed response to Ottawa’s Official Plan

  • Demonstrating the power of Neighbourhood Walkability Workshops to develop implementable solutions for walkability

  • Engaging with the City of Ottawa on development of a Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review (beginning in 2022).


Join us, and help Walkable Ottawa make a difference!

You can also donate to our current campaign to hire someone part time.


Check out an interview with Walkable Ottawa's Janet Mark Wallace for The Fulcrum (The University of Ottawa's English newspaper)


Our March 2021 Response to the City of Ottawa's Draft Official Plan is now complete. 

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Read Walkable Ottawa's November 2020 Position Paper 

"The vision and principles are excellent because they provide a realistic pathway for Ottawa to achieve vibrant, inclusive and healthy communities within the City. I especially appreciate the way the vision can dramatically and positively impact climate/nature. thank you!" ~ Alex Watson (Old Ottawa East)

"WO's vision for the future of Ottawa is certainly inspiring. I know they've put much thought and effort into consulting with the community as well as key stakeholders. Not only does their vision respond to community needs, but it is firmly anchored into reality — the team did not focus on achieving the unachievable, they were able to work within the municipal and provincial constraints, while offering a real solution to our evolving city and the climate crisis. I look forward to seeing this vision implemented in our city." ~ Emilie (Clemow)

"Walkable Ottawa's vision is a key to enhancing our urban fabric and transforming Ottawa into a dynamic 15-minute city. Smart density and better-designed communities affects all aspects of Ottawa's environment - enhancing the viability of transit and fighting urban sprawl. In other words, Rosaline and the team are showing how we can tackle the climate crisis and protect nature while building a better city." ~ Robb Barnes (Executive Director, Ecology Ottawa)

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