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Our Initiative

Walkable Ottawa began with a mission: How do we envision neighbourhoods that are a win for everybody? For working families, for kids, for young singles, for the elderly - for the whole neighbourhood. And how do we make space for environmental sustainability in this vision, so our neighbourhoods continue to serve us long into the future? 

For any real change to take place, it will take a groundswell of local support.

When it comes to the future of our neighbourhoods, it’s going to take the whole community to get it right. We are bringing together communities members, planners, advocates and builders, and facilitating detailed consultation & collaboration. Working together we will create a viable vision for making Ottawa's neighbourhoods walkable and complete - and understand what it would mean to transition to this vision over 25 years' time.

A vision for walkable neighbourhoods grounded in the realities of market-driven development.

JOIN US  in our ongoing colaborative sessions.  During August we are meeting with community leaders and small groups.  In September we will broaden our reach, holding large group online session.  All are welcome.  We value your insights!

We can only achieve a more walkable Ottawa by working together. 

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