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Why Walkable?

Walkable neighbourhoods are happier, healthier, safer, smarter, and greener. These 5 desired outcomes together achieve communities that are practically and delightfully walkable.

Transitioning our neighbourhoods to walkable communities is the single most significant change that Ottawa can make for the environment.  That means a gentle increase of density in lowrise multi-unit housing, which is the most affordable form of housing to construct, service, heat, cool, maintain and live in.  Multi unit development allows for all tenures and sizes of housing, making our neighbourhoods welcoming to all kinds of households, including those "aging in place".  Walkable nieghbourhoods make us healthier, not just a little bit... the health effects are dramatic.  


So if walkable neighbourhoods are healthier, happier, safer, smarter and greener, what are we waiting for?  It's time for change.  Ottawa has fabulous neighbourhoods.  Let's make them even better.  Let's make them walkable.   

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