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We need your help!


In the past two years we’ve come a long way.  We’ve provided data-driven insights into the key elements of walkable neighbourhoods, and how they work in concert to create BETTER neighbourhoods for all.  We’ve influenced city policy with our ideas and solutions.


Our volunteers are stretched thin.  We’d like to hire someone part time to help us keep the information flowing. If you value the work we've done so far and want to see your neighbourhood become more walkable, please consider making a donation.  Any amount is appreciated.

Read our October 5th, 2021 Press Release

September 23rd Official Plan Workshop


The New Official Plan goes before the Planning Committee for review on October 14th and then to City Council on October 27th.


Walkable Ottawa was a key contributor in a workshop of The People’s Official Plan. It was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with others and provide meaningful feedback, and to work toward ensuring that City staff and Councillors take note of what changes need to be made to the draft Official Plan before it can become a workable document to guide our land-use until 2046.  

City View Workshop Report

Over two Saturdays in January 2021, Ecology Ottawa and Walkable Ottawa hosted a workshop for residents of the City View community. The purpose was to look in detail at the existing infrastructure and patterns in City View and assess how the stated aim in the draft Official Plan to regenerate the area will impact the community in its transformation to a complete 15-minute neighbourhood. 

ALTA VISTA cover image.png

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Alta Vista Walkable Neighbourhood Workshop. A Report is coming soon!

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DOWNLOAD A COPY OF OUR WORKBOOK FOR ALTA VISTA.  This is a tool to guide our work together during the second zoom session.

Forest Trees

Download a copy of the Tree Workshop Workbook, which contains the "40% Challenge".

A Walkable Neighbourhood Workshop ALL ABOUT TREES. 


Thanks to all who attended and shared their ideas.

A Report is coming soon.


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Thanks to participants in our Fall 2020 workshop series!

Our consultation workbook is still available and loaded with content. Take a look.

Overbrook Walkable Workbook Report

These images were inspired by the Overbrook Walkable Workshop, and show the proposed evolution of a typical street in the parts of their neighbourhood where new construction is 3.5 storeys in height.  

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