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• July 7, 2021 (7-8pm) - Why Mixing Matters ...For All of Us: Can the transition to walkable neighbourhoods bring diversity and equity? Join us to explore issues of affordability, accessibility, and household diversity in walkable neighbourhoods.

With Guest Speakers:

Kaite Burkholder Harris, Executive Director at the Alliance to End Homelessness

Rosaline J. Hill, Architect & Development Consultant (Latest Research on Maturing Neighbourhoods)

• July 28, 2021 (7-8pm) - Density: What Gifts Does it Bring: Why density? Why change? How can new infill housing make a neighbourhood better? Join us to explore the value of infill and density, and how we can harness change for the better.


• May 12, 2021 (7-8pm) - Neighbourhoods Rooted in Ecology: How do the urban patterns of our neighbourhoods impact the environment? Join us to explore how we can begin to root our neighbourhood development in ecology.

With Guest Speakers:

Robb Barnes, Executive Director of Ecology Ottawa

Steve Winkelman, co-author of Growing Cooler: The Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change

Natasha Bertrand, Traditional Seedkeeper, non-Status Mi'Kmaq member of the urban Indigenous community in Ottawa


• June 2, 2021 (7-8pm) - Growing Community Step by Step: How might walkable neighbourhoods change our social interaction and our understanding of Community? Join us to explore ideas of community identity and the role of casual social interaction in a day's walk.

With Guest Speakers:

John Wright, Landscape Architect, Urban Planner, Artist

Michele Penney, Community Developer for the Somerset West Community Health Centre

Tamer Soliman, Director of the documentary film The Great Disconnect


• June 16, 2021 (7-8pm) - Walking Toward Health and Happiness: How do active lifestyles in walkable communities affect our physical and mental health? Join us to explore the impacts of walkable neighbourhoods on the human body and mind.

With Guest Speakers:

Dr. Karen Lee, MD, MHSc, FRCPC, author of the book Fit Cities, Associate Professor in the Division of Preventive Medicine, Dept. of Medicine, University of Alberta.

Elizabeth (Lisa) Nisbet, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Trent University, with a research focus in personality, social, health, and environmental psychology.

City View Workshop Report

Over two Saturdays in January 2021, Ecology Ottawa and Walkable Ottawa hosted a workshop for residents of the City View community. The purpose was to look in detail at the existing infrastructure and patterns in City View and assess how the stated aim in the draft Official Plan to regenerate the area will impact the community in its transformation to a complete 15-minute neighbourhood. 

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the Alta Vista Walkable Neighbourhood Workshop. A Report is coming soon!

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DOWNLOAD A COPY OF OUR WORKBOOK FOR ALTA VISTA.  This is a tool to guide our work together during the second zoom session.

Download a copy of the Tree Workshop Workbook, which contains the "40% Challenge".

A Walkable Neighbourhood Workshop ALL ABOUT TREES. 


Thanks to all who attended and shared their ideas.

A Report is coming soon.


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Thanks to participants in our Fall workshop series!

Our consultation workbook is still available and loaded with content. Take a look.