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Get Involved

We can only achieve a more walkable Ottawa by working together.

So, where do you see yourself on the team? 


Community Members:

  • Participate in our neighbourhood-specific consultations.

  • Share insights about what their neighbourhoods need.

  • Invite others to take part in the conversation.


Builders & Developers: 

  • Refine our vision for a sustainable transition to walkability.

  • Provide their industry knowledge and experience.

  • Ensure that new development strategies are achievable.


Planning and Design Professionals: 

  • Consolidate the data we gather from consultations into models, maps, and reports.

  • Offer input and expertise.

  • Help us create a realistic walkability transition timeline. ​


Rosaline et al at RJ Hill Architect Inc: 

  • Organize and facilitate neighbourhood consultations.

  • Conduct ongoing research and analysis.

  • Consult with neighbours, planners, and industry members to create a vision and a plan that includes everyone, and a plan that's truly viable and robust.

Would you or someone you know like to participate in one of our Walkability Workshops? We’re looking for residents who are keen to share their insights of what walkability would mean for their neighbourhood, so that we can make it a reality together. Are you a member of the development community interested in sharing your insights to ensure walkable neighbourhoods are truly buildable? We want to work with you.

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